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Royal Flush

Royal Flush is an autonomous ecosystem that allows Players to earn cryptocurrency by Collecting Digital Playing Card NFTs with the ultimate goal of winning a Yield Card by forming a Royal Flush. This game incorporates cryptocurrency and NFTs into a simple, fun game with familiar mechanics from traditional card games.

  • Play-to-Earn

    The sky is the limit with this P2E NFT Game on the Binance Smart Chain!

  • $CARD Coin

    A digital token tied to the success of the NFT Card Game ecosystem!


Different Base Cards

The Base Cards

There are 21 different types of Base Cards in the Deck. The Base Cards consist of the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of all 4 suits as well as a Wildcard, which can be used in lieu of any Base Card. The Royal Flush Deck does not contain any Base Cards #2-9.

Collect Base Cards

Start by drawing Base Cards from the Deck or by trading cards with other players!

Earn Yield Cards

Redeem your Royal Flush to mint a Yield Card that accumulates $CARD Coin!

Level Up Yield Cards

Redeem more Royal Flushes to Level Up your Yield Cards and accumulate more $CARD Coin!


Earn cryptocurrency
while you play Royal Flush.

Yield Card NFTs are rewarded to Players when a Royal Flush is redeemed. The rarer the Royal Flush - the higher the daily yield will be. There are 4 types of Yield Cards and each one has 10 Levels. Players can Level Up Yield Cards by redeeming more Royal Flushes!

  • Redeem
    Royal Flush
  • Accumulate
    $CARD Yield
  • Level Up
    Yield Cards


Coming Soon


Players will have the opportunity to participate in the Royal Flush Pre-Sale. 52,777 Base Cards will be stored in a smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). These base cards will be distributed in exchange for BNB during Pre-Sale and $CARD coin after the Pre-Sale concludes.

60% Pre-Sale Discount

Take advantage of the tremendous discount by participating in our Pre-Sale. Join our Official Discord Server to stay up-to-date with the latest news & info on this project.

Pre-Sale Card Distribution

During the Pre-Sale, players will be dealt a full hand (5 Base Cards) in exchange for 0.15 BNB. There will be a total of 5,000 packs (25,000 total cards) available to buy during the Pre-Sale.

When you launch the Royal Flush game for the first time with a new wallet, you will be prompted to provide the dApp access to manage your Royal Flush assets within your wallet (Base Cards, Yield Cards & $CARD Coin). Each step will usually take 10 to 30 seconds to process. You will only need to do this once per wallet.

The first step in playing Royal Flush is to Draw Base Cards from the Deck. The limitations around Base Card Draws are 5 Minimum & 100 Maximum. Base Cards will be drawn at random. The cost per Base Card (after pre-sale) is 500 $CARD Coin.

When Base or Yield Cards are acquired via Draws, Melds, Redemptions, Level Ups, or the Marketplace, they are stored in a Pack and will need to be opened up before they are viewable in your collection. You can view any Packs on the Packs page within the game.

When you click on a Pack of cards, you will need to then flip over each card to reveal what is underneath. Once all Base or Yield Cards are face up, you will be able to add them to your collection.

Players can opt to Meld Base Cards by combining multiple identical Base Cards in exchange for a specific number of new Base Cards from the Deck. Each type of meld rewards players with varying amounts of Base Cards in return. This is a great way for players to receive some new Base Cards, without paying the full price from Drawing from the Deck.

When a player collects 5 sequential Base Cards of the same suit, he or she can redeem the Royal Flush, which will mint a Level 1 Yield Card of that suit. Yield Cards have different daily yield amounts depending on the rarity of the Royal Flush.

Players can Level Up a Yield Card by combining it with an identical Yield Card (same Suit & Level). Levelling Up Yield Cards allows players to earn more yield than if he or she was to keep the Yield Cards separated.

1. Drawing Cards

To begin playing, players must draw Base Cards from the Deck. The maximum number of base cards that can be drawn from the Deck in a single transaction is 50 cards.

The price per base card is 0.03 BNB during Pre-Sale, increasing to 500 $CARD ( = 0.05 BNB ) in $CARD thereafter.

2. Analyzing Base Cards

After drawing your first hand from the Deck, you will have some decisions to make. Since the initial goal of the game is to obtain a Yield Card by forming a Royal Flush, you will need to decide which suit you are going to attempt to form a Royal Flush in. You may want to take into account the varying amounts of $CARD that each suit of Yield Cards will yield.

For example, if your hand is 10♣ + J♣ + Q♣ + K♦ + J♥, then you are only two base cards away from forming a Royal Flush in the suit of ♣ (Clubs) since you are only missing a K♣ and an A♣.

In the rare event you draw a Wildcard from the Deck, you may use it in lieu of a card you may be missing. For example, if you need an A♠ to complete your Royal Flush, then you may use the Wildcard instead to successfully redeem your Royal Flush.

3. Collecting Cards

Players can collect and hold as many cards as they desire in a single wallet.

Players can draw new Base Cards at random from the Deck or through melding combinations of Base Cards back into the Deck. Players also have the ability to buy & sell Base Cards (as well as Yield Cards) from the Marketplace.

4. Melding Cards

Melding is the term used in card games that refers to submitting a combination of cards to receive something in return.

The cards used in the meld are returned to the Deck and the player is dealt a predetermined number of cards in return (according to the meld being performed). When melding, players are required to pay a small fee in $CARD. Learn more about melding on the Melding Cards page.

Melding cards gives players the opportunity to send unwanted cards back to the deck in the hopes of being dealt more desirable cards in return.

5. Minting Yield Cards

When a Royal Flush is formed, the player may trade their 5 applicable base cards in exchange for a Yield Card of the suit redeemed.

Players may opt to use a Wildcard (that they possess) in lieu of a base card they may be missing.

6. Level Up Yield Cards

Players are rewarded with a Level 1 Yield Card when a Royal Flush is redeemed.

If the player has two identical yield cards of the current level, then both Yield Cards can be combined to create a Yield Card of the next level up. For example, if a player has two Level 1 Diamond Yield Cards, then those Yield Cards can be combined to turn into a Level 2 Diamond Yield Card.

7. Claiming Accumulated Yield

To receive accumulated yield in $CARD, players must click on a button within the dApp to initiate the transfer.

When a player initiates the process, the smart contract calculates how much $CARD has been yielded since the last time the player claimed their yield. To claim yield from a Yield Card, players must feed the Yield Card a Base Card of the respective suit.

EXAMPLE: To collect yield from a Level 2 ♣ Yield Card, the player must feed it any ♣ Base Card. (The Base Card consumed can be a 10,J,Q,K,A or a Wildcard)

Players must claim their yield at-least once every 90 days in order for the yield to accumulate without interruptions.

If a player fails to claim their yield after 90 days of non-stop accumulation, then the yield will stop accumulating until the current balance is claimed. Once the current balance is claimed, the yield will continue to accumulate.

In addition to promoting activity in the entire ecosystem, this fail-safe is in place to prevent lost or old wallets from unintentionally accumulating yield without ever being claimed.